Gather - Analyze - Notify
Ganitix gathers data necessary to analyze your web/mobile application and notifies the summarized information. Ganitix helps in growing your business online. It lets you build applications without the fear of losing traffic.
  • Understand/Analyze your App
  • Discover Opportunities/Issues

About Ganitix

Analytics: How it helps you...

Ganitix is an analytics platform for both web and mobile applications. It provides APIs to collect data from your application and analyzes it to produce better insights. It provides dashboard to know the user behavior and lets you know about which parts of the application is being used by most of the visitors. Thus it helps you in notifying the business needs of your application.


Collect, Analyze, Visualize & Discover

ganitix services

Web Tracking

Ganitix provides vital information needed to know your visitors. It provides you with summarized traffic information.

Dashboard Designs

Dashboards help you organize/visualize data and analyze related information in one panel. Options exist for customized widgets.

Mobile Analytics

Easy to use SDK available for Mobile developers to integrate Ganitix into their Apps.


APIs to support data capturing. Continually improved to provide new and interesting functionality.

Reports & Notifications

Apt and on-target reports on matters of interest made on the fly. Notification capability to be announced soon.

See it like it is!

Visualizations of various kinds to picture the data just the way you want!

What we do?

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Important Features

Traffic Analysis

Gain insights into your users and traffic to the site! Helps in gaining insights into knowing the usage patterns and geographies so marketing efforts can be focused on problem areas. Continual improvements in the pipeline to provide proactive recommendations.

Retention Analytics

Hard to know how many repeat visits you have? What is the frequency of repeat visits? This feature helps you understand your vistors repeat visits and frequency. Analytics like this can actually help enhance retaining your customers/visitors.

Slice & Dice Analytics

Curious to know about what is going on in your application? Slice & Dice performs computations the way you want on the data and timeline you choose to provide details of user activities. Gain insights into areas of your interest!

Drop off analysis

Helps you understand the traffic patterns through your application. It helps greatly to understand where your visitors spend their time and where they may be exiting from your application. Provides great insights into developing your app the right way!

Dashboard design

Highly finished dashboards that help you understand where you stand in the market and where you need to improve your business is well understood from the dashboards. We are here to customize dashboards up on user's demand.

Panel Management

Panels are handy to keep related items in one place. You can deal with many many sensors/markers and organize into panels to make it easy to study and analyze!

Simple Pricing

Join hands with us and gain more from Ganitix.

  • Applications: 1
  • Marks: 20000
  • Trackers: 5
  • Panels: 2
  • Reports: Basic
  • Free Support
$99 $49.5/month
  • Applications: 3
  • Marks: 200000
  • Trackers: 10
  • Panels: 5
  • Reports: Basic
  • Free Support
$149 $74.5/month
  • Applications: 5
  • Marks: 500000
  • Trackers: 25
  • Panels: 5
  • Reports: ADVANCED
  • Free Support