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By Admin | 03 August 2016

How analytics can grow your online business?

You are working hard on making your business as successful as possible. You know your customers' needs and desires and try to cater to them at the best possible level. But you also know that users are often very fickle and what they need today might differ from what they desire tomorrow. That's why in order to keep your business running at the top notch level, you need to constantly analyze your customers' actions.

There are several web and application analytics created for your use. Once you start using them, you'll understand that they are imperative to your business growth. These assistants will free up a great amount of your time and allow you not to have a team of specialists working on the analysis.

Introducing Analytics

Web and application analytics are the way to control the work process of the business and improve its output by increasing the number of customers and upping the sales. Analytics is a set of tools and methods that help find problems, approach the business' work process in a critical manner and evaluate its functionality. Lets you know the details about active time, engagement time, bounce rate, etc., so that you can drive product in a right direction. Analytics is not just a theory. It's also a set of actions you can do to improve the way your business works.


Web analytics can help you find out which programs and devices people use to visit your website. You will understand whether or not you need to tune your site to a certain browser or a certain type of devices. You can also find out whether or not your website requires a mobile version or an application right now or it can wait for some time.

Analytics don't just allow you to monitor how many people are attracted to your business; they also assist you in understanding why the users do one thing or another. This can assist you in creating a good advertising campaign as well.

Evaluation the actions of users is a vital information source that can be applied to different areas of your business. You can analyze the way different advertising campaigns lead to the desired goals. You can find out what your users do on your website and how they do it. That means you can learn their behavioral patterns. This, in turn, can help you with the marketing.


For example, if you have an online store, you can analyze which complementing goods your customers purchase together with the key product and which ones they leave for later. Or you can see that some customers are not comfortable with using a certain order form. At the same time, you'll be able to monitor which advertising gives immediate output or which results in deferred demands and helps you sell your products in a week or a month. Helps you in increasing the conversion rate of a product.

Analytics is a business process which is imperative for the companies that depend on the way their customers behave. If you have an online business, then avoiding web-analytics is absolutely impossible. If your customers are accustomed to using the Internet for getting information before making a purchase, web-analytics becomes compulsory for the success of your business.

One of the main ways that analytics can help your business is forecasting. When all the data is collected, a proper forecast can be made for the future output of your business. This means that analytics can help you understand what lies for your business in the future and how you can change it to become more successful.

Imagine you are building a residential home. You have a lot of materials and all the required specialists. You build a perfect home but people don't want to live in it. When you ask them why, you find out that the reason lies in the nearby noisy factory. If you would have spent some time analyzing the needs of your future tenants, your home would have been very comfortable. But now it is absolutely useless. The same situation can apply to a business. If you don't analyze the way it works, you will never understand how to improve it and can make some fatal mistakes.

Analytics has a long and successful history of improving business and helping owners understand the way it works. In the modern world, more and more business owners turn to mobile and web business analytics to optimize the work process.


Thus how many analytics applications/products have come up to serve business needs. Efficacy of any analytics application is known by the effectiveness in displaying and notifying the traffic insights. Ganitix is one of such analytics applications which helps you by providing better insights on your business online with many salient features. Along with insights on visitors, page views, it also provides various features with timely notifications and visitors reports at ease.

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