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Ganitix gathers data necessary to analyze your web/mobile application and notifies the summarized information. Bridge the gap between customer's needs and developer's thoughts and build applications without the fear of losing traffic with Ganitix.

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traffic screen
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dropoff/funnel analysis screen
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Analytics: How it helps you

An analytics platform for both web and mobile applications. It provides APIs to collect data from your application and analyzes it to produce better insights. It provides dashboard to know the user behavior and lets you know about which parts of the application is being used by most of the visitors. Helps you in notifying the business needs of your application.

Visualization for better insights

Ways to represent data efficiently.

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Collect, Analyze, Visualize & Discover

Web Tracking

Ganitix provides vital information needed to know your visitors. It provides you with summarized traffic information.

Mobile Analytics

Easy to use SDK available for Mobile developers to integrate Ganitix into their Apps.

Reports & Notifications

Apt and on-target reports on matters of interest made on the fly. Notification capability to be announced soon.

Dashboard Designs

Dashboards help you organize/visualize data and analyze related information in one panel. Options exist for customized widgets.


APIs to support data capturing. Continually improved to provide new and interesting functionality.

See it like it is!

Visualizations of various kinds to picture the data just the way you want!

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  • Applications: 1
  • Marks: 20000
  • Trackers: 5
  • Panels: 2
  • Reports: Basic
  • Free Support
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  • Applications: 3
  • Marks: 200000
  • Trackers: 10
  • Panels: 5
  • Reports: Basic
  • Free Support
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  • Applications: 5
  • Marks: 500000
  • Trackers: 25
  • Panels: 5
  • Reports: ADVANCED
  • 24*7 Support
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